Thanks for a great 2013


To say that 2013 was a big deal for me is an understatement. It was the year I became a father and also the busiest year of my career. I did more and better work than I’ve done in my life, all while adjusting to life with an amazing little girl in our home.

The people in the photos at the top of this blog post helped make 2013 so incredible for me and I am nothing but grateful. I understand that choosing a wedding photographer is a very personal decision, and these people decided to trust me to record the memories of one of the most important days of their lives. I am constantly humbled and filled with gratitude every time a couple decides to work with me. Every time.

These people in particular will stand out in my memory, because every one of them was gracious and understanding about my adjustment to fatherhood — photos took a bit longer to deliver, emails waited a bit longer for a response, but everyone was kind and patient and sent their best wishes to our daughter. I can’t thank them enough.

I look forward to 2014, a year that is already filling up with weddings that I’m totally looking forward to, with more couples who I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to work with.

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