Me shooting my own wedding. Bottom photo by David Royal

Me shooting my own wedding. Bottom photo by David Royal

I think real life is real interesting. And there’s a lot of real life happening at weddings.

Tears of joy and nervousness and relief and pride. Funny speeches, silly dancing.

I love to capture that real life. Slice a tiny frame from a beautiful moment: a glance, a smile, a fleeting expression.

Still images make our lives seem more real, more valid, permanent. They give us a way to understand the events we’ve taken part in, and as time passes, to remember.

It’s an honor to be trusted to create the images of a wedding day. So much planning, anticipation — the day flies by, the pictures remain. The wedding album is viewed many times: Family, friends, children, grandchildren.

I take great pride in the fact that brides tell me I showed them parts of their wedding day that they didn’t even know happened. That guests tell me I seem like I’m in three places at once. That I leave each wedding exhausted, but looking forward to finding out what will happen at the next one.

Maybe the next one will be yours.