Tara & John’s San Francisco Presidio engagement session

Tara & John's San Francisco engagement session

Did you know you can follow San Francisco’s famous fog on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media? You can, he’s named Karl. Lots of people follow him, including me, and Tara. And he followed us around for Tara & John’s San Francisco engagement session — to both our benefit and detriment.

Benefit, because look at the photo at the top of this post. Beautiful foggy San Francisco scene. Detriment, because on our first attempt at an engagement session Karl got so rambunctious that we had to call the whole thing off.

Fortunately, despite the rambunctious fog, we were still able to capture Tara and John’s rambunctious (and adorable) puppy Seamus on the beach before he grew out of his puppy size.

We returned later to complete Tara & John’s San Francisco Presidio engagement session, visiting the environmental art installation by Andy Goldsworthy called “Wood Line,” among other places. Tara surprised John with a greeting card in the middle of our engagement shoot, a sweet gesture. Karl stalked around us for a bit and eventually overtook the city. We ditched our planned Golden Gate view when Karl pulled a David Copperfield and made the bridge disappear. Other beautiful locations were found, we shot some nice fog-drenched photos, and ended the day warming up over coffee and a slice of artisan toast, which we purchased somewhat ironically but was, of course, delicious.

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