Maria & Mark’s Shadowbrook Capitola wedding

Maria & Mark's Shadowbrook Capitola wedding

There was a lot of activity the morning of Maria & Mark’s Shadowbrook Capitola wedding: Getting the kids ready, getting dressed, driving to the venue, the first look and family photos, greeting guests, making sure the kids are taken care of. But after all that hubbub, when it came time for Maria & Mark to say their vows, they were so completely in the moment that they were overcome with emotion.

I love that about weddings: Despite all the coordination that has to happen to make one happen, everything can fall away in an instant when it comes time for two people profess their love for each other in front of all their guests.

Maria & Mark are friends of mine, and parents, and super amazing people. Their wedding was a big celebration of family, and it was set at Shadowbrook Restaurant in Capitola, a gorgeous and eclectic eatery that clings to the steep bank of Soquel Creek, accessible by either many flights of stairs or one cable car ride.

It makes a great setting for photos, and was definitely a fun place for a wedding. Check out my favorite photos from the day and you’ll see what I mean:

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