Some reviews from past weddings:

“My jaw is actually on the ground … These are nothing short of incredible! The amount of compliments we had about you, from everyone, could not be counted … I can’t even tell you! A good photographer is like gold, but you sir, are a master photographer. Thank you, thank you!”

— Drew, married May 23, 2015


“Rafael and I cannot thank you enough for how great you were at the wedding. You and Conner were both so professional while also being fun and relaxed at the same time. It made the day that much more special knowing that we had such a great team taking pictures of our big day. Even our families and wedding parties made it a point to tell us how awesome you were. My sister-in-law loved you so much she wants to book you for a maternity session … even though she’s not pregnant yet!”

— Jessica, married Nov. 2, 2013


“Matt and I are so appreciative of all of your great work throughout this whole process. We have been amazed at how much effort, skill and passion you’ve put into these pictures, and you’ve been just awesome to work with. You made everything so easy … and I’ll have to admit, if it wasn’t for a posed picture we asked for, we barely even noticed you taking pictures throughout the evening. I’ve heard of other photographers who run the show to get the pictures they want, but you let us enjoy our evening while capturing it naturally in your photos. We very much appreciated that.”

— Shane, married June 23, 2012


Jen & Gordon's Santa Cruz engagement session“Wow, Scott! We are blown away! These are really wonderful photographs. Thank you so much. Your time, speed, and expertise are all so appreciated!”

— Jen, married June 15, 2013


Rosie & Matt's San Francisco wedding“We love the photos!!! Thank you so much for capturing everything so wonderfully. It was so amazing to see them and brings back all the memories of that day.”

— Rosie, married May 25, 2013


“The photos are simply gorgeous! You did such a wonderful job for us throughout the whole day and I know what we see in your photos will be the defining memory of the day.”

— Dawn, married Oct. 12, 2012


“Wow. Sarah and I are beyond thrilled with our photos! We were more than confident in your ability to do a wonderful job of documenting our wedding, but you exceeded our expectations. Nothing I can say will really do justice to properly express how we both feel about how incredible the photos turned out. It was amazing to relive our wedding going through them all. You are an amazing photographer and so wonderfully talented. We are so thankful for hiring you.”

— Jeff, married Jan. 26, 2013


“Thank you SO MUCH for everything this weekend … you totally kicked major ass! You are unbelievably talented and I feel super lucky that you were available and free to shoot our day. Thanks again for everything!!!”

— Janelle, married Sept. 2, 2012


“Absolutely loved every single one of the beautiful pictures that you took for us on our special day! What a special treasure of memories that we will definitely cherish forever! Thank you so much for all of your hard work and expertise.”

— Leia, married on Sept. 1, 2012


“Thank you so much! You are so incredibly talented … we LOVE these photos! We also had an awesome time hanging out with you! Such a fun day! Again we really can’t thank you enough for the amazing photos you’ve taken. We are going to enjoy these for years to come!”

— Sarah, from engagement session on Aug. 31, 2012


“Pretty freakin’ awesome, Scott. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: Truly genius. Brian and I laughed and cried watching this together. I can’t believe how you took us back in time to experience our wedding day again. Thank you so much for all your hard work in making this happen. I’m thankful we already paid you too, come to think of it, because this is priceless work. Ok, I’m done being sappy — I blame your photos.”

— Sunita, married Oct. 9, 2011


“These are great! You really do have a gift, my friend. For so many of these photos, I think to myself, ‘Wow, I didn’t even know Scott was there at that moment!’ ”
— Leslie, married August 6, 2011


“WOW!! The photos look great! And I wanted you to know that I got a lot of compliments on your service. More than a few people commented on how nice you were. Thanks for doing a great job with the photos and with the guests!”

— Christine, married July 22, 2011


“You did a phenomenal job with everything. I still get people coming up to me saying how absolutely gorgeous our pictures turned out. Some people have said that the sunset pictures look fake because the whole setting is just so beautiful. They even went on to say that some of the pictures look like a postcard. You’re such a SUPERSTAR!”

— Stephanie, married on 9/3/2011



Scott did a wonderful job with our wedding photos in Carmel a few years ago. He was very professional, easy to work with, captured some great moments. Scott’s background is in editorial/newspaper photography and he is clearly comfortable thinking on his feet (every wedding has a surprise or two). My favorite photos of our wedding were the more creative pictures at the Highlands Inn on a foggy morning and also moments away from the spotlight that he captured of relatives and friends.

He struck the right balance between being unobtrusive during the ceremony and supervising/directing us during the more formal pictures. Highly recommended.

— Andrew, married on 7/16/2005

Scott did a beautiful job with our wedding. The photography was one of the only things we didn’t have to worry or think about twice and we were left with really beautiful images that completely captured the event in the way we wanted to remember it.

— Phillip, married on 7/11/2008

I have been in numerous weddings (five at last count) and have to say, that after working with many different photographers- I was really impressed by Scott. His demeanor was professional, relaxing and easy to be around-which helped make taking pictures an enjoyable and natural experience. I love his perspective, and the ways he catches the honesty of the moment. I highly recommend him!

— Sarah, from wedding on 10/04/2008

Scott photographed our wedding back in 2006 and we were very pleased with his services. His professionalism came through during every aspect of our wedding from the pre-wedding planning, the big day itself, and after the wedding. We are very happy with all of the photographs he took and still get positive feedback from family and friends. He was really able to capture our big day in a special way. I would recommend Scott for any wedding.

— Charlotte, married on 10/14/06

Scott is one of the best photographers out there. He captured our wedding in a spectacular way and very professional. Very easy to work with and had a great eye which created some outstanding pictures. Also was great with the family and wedding party. I highly recommend his services. HIGHLY!!!!

— Dustin, married on 10/14/06

Scott photographed my wedding in October 2008 and I was totally impressed with his professionalism during the wedding and the beautiful pictures we have as a result. I had forgotten to include an entire side of my family on the list I had given to Scott prior to the wedding and he was wonderful about accommodating these pictures last minute. Scott was calm and cheerful throughout the event which definitely helped my nerves. The pictures turned out beautiful and Scott captured many of the details and candid moments we likely would have forgotten about in a few years. Scott made us a wonderful DVD that was set to our favorite music from the wedding and laid out the most gorgeous hardcover book that sits on our coffee table. We were able to order extra books and give them to people in the wedding party which was a great bonus. I hope I never have to get married again, but if I do, I wouldn’t want any other photographer.

— Janette, married on 10/04/2008