Antoinette & Clint’s Vermont farm wedding


Way back in 2002, when my now-wife Amber and I moved to California, I drove a U-Haul cross-country from Ohio while Amber stayed behind and finished up her job. It was chock full of our belongings and dragging my car behind it, and the trip would’ve been a solo mission if my friend Clint didn’t step up and come with me.

Fast forward fourteen years and I’m hopping out of a back seat of a car well after midnight in the middle of rural Vermont after a very long day of delayed flights and a pair of double IPAs (thanks, Kyle and Pam!) and Clint and I embrace like no time had passed at all. We had only seen each other once since that cross-country trip. Now I was there to document his marriage to Antoinette.

Years before, Antoinette, Clint and Kyle had moved to Vermont to create new lives for themselves (and they were wildly successful). During the long wedding weekend, which was a destination event for most everyone there, Antoinette and Clint didn’t just have a wedding, they created their own wedding world and allowed all of us to get swallowed up by it.

I’m not going to say the name of the venue where they were married (if you’re intent on recreating their experience then you’ll figure it out), but they rented a farm at the dead end of a dirt road, pitched a giant tent, set up a smorgasbord of drinks, provided delicious food, and put on offer a variety of entertainment, everything from a giant raft in the pond to a four-wheeler with the keys in the ignition. It was like a fancy summer camp for adults, with an incredible wedding ceremony as the main event.

Antoinette & Clint’s creativity and personality shined through every detail of their farm wedding weekend. It was an honor to be there to document it all. Check out my favorite images in the gallery below.


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