Taylor & Kip’s Windhaven Ranch San Juan Bautista wedding

Taylor & Kip's Windhaven Ranch San Juan Bautista wedding

Taylor & Kip’s Windhaven Ranch San Juan Bautista wedding started with a beautiful outdoor ceremony on the lawn, ended with a rocking party inside the barn, and was full of love and fun all day.

There was a lot of advance preparation for Taylor & Kip’s wedding — I was brought on a year and a half before the wedding day and they already had a lot of the planning complete (much appreciation to Taylor’s mom Kim!). The time was used well: The wedding featured some of the most inventive and unique details I’ve seen. At the ceremony, a short wall of cut logs laden with flowers provided a beautiful backstop for the wedding party. In the reception, the centerpieces were piles of river rocks surrounding candles that set off the table numbers, which were cross sections of small logs, providing a visual tie-in with the ceremony decor.

All of it complemented Windhaven Ranch, which was a beautiful venue for a wedding. To get to the ranch, you drive down a tree-lined road that’s very straight and quite narrow. The ranch is at the end, above agricultural fields, nestled in the rolling hills and dotted with weeping willows. It feels like you’ve entered another world.

Despite the ranch being named “Windhaven,” a blustery wind storm did its best to mess up hair and chill the guests. But it didn’t dampen spirits — everybody headed into the barn and had a heck of a party.

The inventiveness continued, as the father of the bride speech featured something I had never before seen: cue cards and applause prompts. The visual aids made a funny speech even funnier (see what I’m talking about in the pictures below).

There was a lot of fun at the wedding — sharing laughs, goofing around — but there were also a lot of feelings, and more than a few tears. All of it provided a lot of great photo opportunities for my second shooter Nathan and I, and you can see my favorites in the gallery below.

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