Abbie & Matt’s Monterey County winery wedding

Abbie & Matt's Monterey County winery wedding

It’s convenient when the wedding ceremony and reception are in the same location. For Abbie & Matt’s Monterey County winery wedding, there was an extra layer of convenience: The winery is also their home.

Sycamore Cellars is Matt’s family winery. It’s nestled alongside Arroyo Seco Road, with views of rolling hills, sheer cliffs, oak trees and lots of grape vines. It’s rugged and beautiful and made for a fantastic wedding venue.

Matt grew up on the land, and his intimate knowledge of the property helped find photo locations. I arrived early to scout, but Abbie & Matt came up with the location for their first look: a lone tree tucked into a vineyard, providing a shaded clearing that was perfect.

After a short and sweet ceremony (during which the very cute flower girl sat down in front of Abbie and took off her shoes), there was a fun outdoor reception, with barbecue and dancing and some very memorable speeches, including one by the best man that was so wonderfully and hilariously inappropriate that I had to congratulate him afterwords.

As the sun set on Abbie & Matt’s Monterey County winery wedding, the sky turned a deep blue and a full Supermoon rose above the surrounding hills. A beautiful end to a beautiful day. See all my favorite photos in the gallery below.

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