Cara & Edmund’s Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk engagement session

Cara & Edmund's Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk engagement session

The picture at the top of this blog post doesn’t look anything like an engagement photo, which is exactly what we were going for during Cara & Edmund’s Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk engagement session.

Before our session Cara told me that she’s seen plenty of engagement photos with couples on beaches or in the forest and she wanted something different. Something fun. Something that showed what she and Edmund were like as a couple.

So we decided to go to the boardwalk and ride some rides. Their idea. I love my job.

We rode the ferris wheel and the roller coaster, they rode the swings. They played a couple games, and we walked up and down the boardwalk to find a giant donut to match the giant lollipop they already had. It was a lot of fun.

For the roller coaster shot, we used my tiny GoPro camera, since I never would’ve been allowed on the coaster with a big DSLR (something I know from personal experience). The park’s Coaster Cam caught a funny photo of me pointing the GoPro at them and Edmund very kindly bought me a print. (I think I’ll post it on my Facebook page this week.)

As an added bonus, we got an amazing sunset, which we captured while out on the wharf. A beautiful end to a very fun day.

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