Courtnee & Armen’s Paradise Ridge Winery wedding

Paradise Ridge Winery wedding

If someone asked me to dream up the perfect background for a wedding photo, I doubt I could top a 10-foot-tall metal sculpture of the word “Love.”

But that’s what I got during Courtnee & Armen’s Paradise Ridge Winery wedding, and it was awesome. I also got an amazing couple to work with, a beautiful ceremony, a gorgeous venue, ideal weather, a fun reception … I was a very spoiled wedding photographer.

I photographed Courtnee & Armen’s Paradise Ridge Winery wedding in Santa Rosa as an associate for my colleague Sonia Savio, who was off shooting another wedding that day. Sonia and I had been at the winery a week earlier for a styled shoot put together by the fabulous Ali DiLuvio, who was also the wedding planner for Courtnee & Armen’s wedding. She made sure the day went smoothly, and even helped me by holding a flash for a portrait at sunset.

And I would be remiss if I did not mention the gentleman who played the giant drum at the reception during the Armenian dancing. An entire wedding reception dancing in circles around a drummer was an incredible thing to be able to photograph. See it all in the gallery below.

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