Lorna & Jim’s Big Sur engagement photos

Lorna & Jim's Big Sur engagement session

Oh, Big Sur. I will never tire of you. But as I shoot more engagement sessions there, I may get tired of returning to the exact same spots, amazing as they are.

So for Lorna & Jim’s Big Sur engagement photos, I tried some new twists on some iconic Big Sur locations.

Bixby Bridge? Shoot it from behind. Garrapata State Park? Let’s try this little stand of trees just away from the highway. And also, the trees right next to the highway. And while we’re at it, let’s stand in this weird old rusted bathtub for a shot. No, I have no idea what it means.

And so we had a great day in Big Sur — sunny, warm, fun, and a little windy as usual. Lorna and Jim are having a Big Sur wedding, so we did some photos at their venue, the Big Sur River Inn. It’s the famous spot with the wooden chairs in the river, which we checked out as well.

I’ve photographed many an engagement session in Big Sur, and plan to do many many more. And with every visit, I try to add a new amazing location to my growing list of beautiful spots in the most beautiful place on earth.

For me, the best thing I can give my clients is an experience that results in amazing photos, but is also unique to them. And to be successful at that, I have to keep exploring.

Which I’m more than happy to do.

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