Best of 2012

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk engagement session

Choosing favorites is hard. Especially when it’s your own work. That’s why there are photo editors in the world. I’ve worked as a photo editor, and I still have trouble picking favorite photos. Especially when they’re my own. And extra especially when I try to pick my own best wedding photography. It’s because I’m too close to these photos. I have good feelings for the couples pictured in them, for the good times we had while they were being shot, for the funny stories behind each of my photos. I just don’t want to leave any out.

So I left the choosing to someone else, my good friend and associate Conner Jay. He’ll be working with me at a lot of weddings this coming year — he’s an amazing photographer and I trust him as an editor. Which is cool, because I used to be his photo editor at a newspaper where we both worked.

So here they are, my best wedding photos of 2012, as chosen by Conner. Enjoy.

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