Answers to some questions you may have:

Q. — Your background is in newspaper photography. How does that make you a good wedding photographer?
A. — Here’s the basic job description of a newspaper photographer: Go into an unknown and uncontrolled situation with your camera and make compelling, storytelling photos. Do this all day, and don’t ever screw up, because there’s no second chance.

I see the job of a wedding photographer as essentially the same, except that the people I’m photographing are more often in a good mood, dressed elegantly and surrounded by beautiful decorations.

•   •   •

Q. — Do you shoot film or digital? And should I care?
A. — Digital. And sometimes some film. And you shouldn’t care.

I’m guessing right now that you’re reading a lot of information as you prepare for your wedding, studying up on things that you never thought you’d have to know about, like film vs. digital, or raw vs. jpg, or magazine-style vs. documentary style (what?!?). Here’s the thing: Hire someone whose photos you like, who can prove that they know what they’re doing based on documented experience and a solid body of work. And definitely hire someone you like as a person.

It’s not often in life that people pay a professional photographer to work for them for an entire day. And there’s a lot of advice out there, much of it conflicting and confusing. I’ll be happy to answer any technical questions you have. But rest assured, you don’t have to become a photography expert before you sign me up as your wedding photographer. You’ve already got enough to worry about.

•   •   •

Q. — What is your approach to shooting a wedding?
A. — I think every wedding is as different as the couples getting married. I don’t have a formula, I don’t spend the day checking off a shot list. I stay open to what’s happening, allowing couples to enjoy their day in their own way.

One of the nicest compliments I get is when brides tell me they saw a whole different side of their wedding when they saw my photos.

•   •   •

Q. — If we hire you as our wedding photographer, can you guarantee that our kids will be beautiful and witty?
A. — Absolutely.