Katie & Dan’s Big Sur River Inn wedding

Katie & Dan's Big Sur River Inn wedding

A good sign that your wedding is really fun: During the reception, all the bridesmaids trade their high-heel shoes for silver dinosaur sandals.

Katie & Dan’s Big Sur River Inn wedding was fun times for sure, and not just because of dinosaur jokes. It was also a gorgeous day in one of my favorite places, and Katie & Dan threw a sweet, relaxing and intimate wedding that reflected the beauty of the nature that surrounded it.

Katie & Dan enjoy the outdoors, and asked to have some photos taken in a woodsy area near the River Inn. Big Sur has many great locations, but it’s a rugged place, not easily accessible in a wedding dress. I arrived early to explore some options I had in mind, and found a spot with a wide trail flanked by redwoods. We were just yards away from Highway 1, but looked like we were deep in the forest.

Katie & Dan put a lot of work into the details of their wedding, with handmade bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces and name cards. Instead of a cake, they had several wheels of delicious cheese (so instead of the traditional cake cutting, they literally “cut the cheese”).

So many fun moments during Katie & Dan’s Big Sur River Inn wedding. Check out my favorites in the gallery below.

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