C & G’s Roaring Camp Railroad wedding

Cat & Greg's Roaring Camp Railroad wedding

For C & G’s Roaring Camp railroad wedding, everyone rode on a vintage steam train through the mountains to witness a ceremony in a grove of towering redwood trees … and it was just as amazing as it sounds.

Seriously, I get to see a lot of unique and interesting things at weddings, but this was something really special. Roaring Camp is a slice of history tucked into the hills above Santa Cruz, with a working steam locomotive that usually takes tourists on day trips. The place is also a wedding venue, and a pretty great one at that.

C & G started their day in Capitola, overlooking the ocean as they got ready. After the drive up to Roaring Camp, C got into her dress in the historic schoolhouse, and they had their first look inside the vintage covered bridge that serves as the entrance to Roaring Camp. Amazing, right?

During the ceremony, C & G chose to symbolize their union by planting a tree together. It seemed like such a fitting ritual, there under those ancient redwood trees that are hundreds of years old.

The day’s weather kept things interesting — periods of rain, fog, wind, clouds and sun led C to observe “We had ALL the weather.” By the time the reception started, the weather had settled into a perfect California spring evening, the sun soaking the trees, the air calm and warm.

During the reception, a family member gave a speech that included the blowing of a conch shell, which filled the room with a loud clear note and brought much applause from the guests. G’s mom sang a song as part of her speech, a capella, another performance that elicited much applause.

At the very end of C & G’s Roaring Camp railroad wedding, guests lined up outside the reception hall and sent the newlyweds off under the warm glow of burning sparklers. That photo is one of my favorites; view the rest in the gallery below.

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