Fiona & Tommy’s Shadowbrook wedding Capitola

Fiona & Tommy's Shadowbrook Capitola wedding

As I was looking through the photos from Fiona & Tommy’s Shadowbrook wedding Capitola, I was struck by all the genuine and joyful smiles I was seeing.

That’s exactly how I remember their wedding — Fiona and Tommy, so happy to be together; and all their friends and family, so happy for them.

Their wedding was a wonderful reflection of who they are as people, from the Superhero-themed tie bars to their visit to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk after the wedding. Their ceremony, masterfully officiated by a close friend of theirs, addressed Fiona & Tommy’s unique interests, careers and history together in ways that were both touching and hilarious. It was all very personal, and intimate, and a lot of fun.

Shadowbrook Restaurant was a beautiful venue for the wedding. We were out early, and able to enjoy great summer weather at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, where family and friends joined Fiona & Tommy for some photos on the beach before a night of riding rides and playing games.

It was a wonderful time with wonderful people. Check out my favorite images from Fiona & Tommy’s Shadowbrook wedding Capitola in the gallery below.

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