Leslie & Brendan’s Zen Peninsula wedding reception

Leslie & Brendan's Zen Peninsula wedding reception

There are a trio of two-word phrases I’d like to share about Leslie & Brendan’s wedding reception: Fog Machine. Gold capes. Lion dancers.

Those are some of the most unique elements of this awesome wedding reception, which was the second half of their San Francisco City Hall wedding, held a little over a week prior. Through the whole marriage process, Leslie & Brendan did a great job designing celebrations that are reflective of their personalities. Case in point: For their grand entrance at the reception, Brendan walked into the Zen Peninsula restaurant through a cloud of fog-machine haze, flanked by groomsmen sporting gold capes, then Leslie was carried in by a pair of groomsmen, waving like a queen. The whole thing was well-choreographed, charmingly campy, and undeniably funny. Their guests stood and applauded.

There was dinner, and toasts, and a great slideshow. Later, a lion dance troupe arrived, interacting with guests, performing tricks and posing for photos. Then Leslie and Brendan put on a show with a choreographed first dance, cut the cake and opened the dance floor, where the fog machine was put back into service (much to my delight). (Note to all future couples: If you want your wedding reception’s dancefloor photos to look extra epic, shoot some fog in there. (Also, I highly recommend sparkly gold capes.))

Leslie & Brendan’s Zen Peninsula wedding reception was a super fun time with awesome people who know how to party. Check out my favorite photos in the gallery below.

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