Cynthia & Marshall’s Point Lobos engagement session

Cynthia & Marshall's Point Lobos engagement session

Point Lobos is a bit of an intimidating place for a photographer to venture. In photographic circles the place is nearly synonymous with Edward Weston, one of the biggest names in the history of photography. Ansel Adams took his share of photos there as well.

So maybe that’s why I’ve always overlooked the place as an option for engagement sessions. But when Cynthia and Marshall said they wanted a location near Monterey with forest and ocean, I decided it was time for a Point Lobos engagement session.

And wow, had I been missing out. Amazing views everywhere, great walking trails, dramatic coastline. And not once did the ghost of Edward Weston look over my shoulder and whisper that I was doing it wrong.

Cynthia, Marshall and I had a wonderful time there, then headed into Monterey for the sunset. I love ending engagement sessions at sunset, but in fog-prone areas like Monterey there isn’t always a sunset to speak of. The sun played a trick on us this day, ducking behind the fog, then peeking out just before it dipped below the horizon, giving me just a few moments to catch the sweet light.

Check out my favorite photos from Cynthia & Marshall’s Point Lobos engagement session in the gallery below.

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