Jamie & Adam’s Salinas wedding

There’s nothing a wedding photographer likes more than waking up on the morning of a wedding and seeing bright blue sunny skies. Jamie and Adam’s Salinas wedding had sun and blue skies in abundance, and the great weather lasted all day.

The couple got married at the Monterey County Sheriff’s Posse Grounds during a charming ceremony filled with rustic details and lots of custom and DIY decorations, including an amazing wooden arbor made by the groom’s father. The beautiful archway served as an outdoor stage for Jamie and Adam to exchange vows.

The Sheriff’s Posse Grounds proved to be a beautiful backdrop for the wedding, and gave me lots of interesting spots to take pictures, including an enormous oak tree in a pasture that we were able to shoot an incredible portrait under.

As the night went on, DJ Scott Trugman from Music Now kept the dance floor active. But the star of the dance floor was truly ring bearer Ethan, a six-year-old with an inexhaustible supply of moves, energy and enthusiasm. (After dancing for nearly two hours straight, I heard Ethan call out to Jamie: “I’m not even tired!”)

After sunset, the blue sky turned to a deeper and darker shade, the outdoor lights at the Sheriff’s Posse Grounds switched on, people danced and laughed and talked and enjoyed the great party that Jamie and Adam threw for them, until the hosts waved goodbye after their last dance and walked off to start a new chapter in their lives together.

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