Kristina & Andrew

Kristina and Andrew picked a memorable date for their Redwood City wedding — October 10th, 2010, or 10/10/10 — and threw themselves a very memorable celebration.

The day started at Hotel Sofitel on the San Francisco Bay in in Redwood City, where Kristina, her bridesmaids and family got ready. After a few formal photos in my improvised studio-in-the-hallway, we set up a dramatic meeting in the lobby for the couple to see each other for the first time. Their nervous excitement was palpable. They met, nearly cried, and walked away together.

The ceremony was in a beautiful backyard in the foothills of Redwood City. I set up two remote cameras to capture the ceremony — a camera with a telephoto lens on a balcony overlooking the backyard, and a small, silent camera clamped to the trellis above them. You can see that angle in the photo of them kissing — I’m in the background, getting the other angle from the aisle.

Dinner, dancing, and the rest of the wedding day activities all took place in the backyard on a beautiful sunny day. The San Francisco Giants even won their game during dinner, which resulted in high-fives all around.

A few days after their wedding, I sent Kristina and Andrew an email to tell them that I knew for sure that their guests had a great time at their wedding — all the smiling faces in my pictures proved it.

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