Julie & John

Julie & John

There were so many reasons for me to love Julie & John’s Hahn Estates wedding. First of all, Julie is an old friend, and it’s always nice to be the wedding photographer for a friend. Second, they held their wedding at my favorite winery, Hahn Estates, in Soledad, California. And third, the photo they wanted most was one of the two of them in front of John’s antique car. Great prop.

And it turned out there were even more reasons to love it. The weather was amazing. The food was great. The light at sunset was beautiful. And the band was awesome. As the night got later, they even played AC/DC’s “Big Balls.” Not your everyday wedding song.

Speaking of the band, they started out with “Play that funky music” by Wild Cherry and handed the mic to the groom. John had no idea it was coming, but gave everybody a rousing vocal performance on the spot. Good times.

Check out the gallery below to see a selection of my favorite photos.

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