Me and the couple

me & the couple

One of the photos I make sure to get at every wedding is a shot of myself with the couple. I like to shoot the photo during the reception, when everybody’s loosened up and having fun, after the cake’s been cut and the first dances have been danced.

I feel special connection to every couple whose wedding I photograph. We’re close all day. I see the nervousness, the joy, the relief. And although my style is much more documentary than directorial, there are moments when I’m the only person around as the bride or groom is having a pretty intense emotional experience. I love that I’m able to be a source of calm when a bride is feeling butterflies before the door of the chapel opens, or that I’m able to share a laugh with a groom who’s trying to calm his nerves before he sees his bride walk through that door.

So these photos are special to me. I like to think that couples who hire me to document their wedding get more than just my photo skills. And to me, these pictures are a little reminder of that.

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