Karin & Colin’s Deer Park Villa wedding

Deer Park Villa wedding

Let’s say you were putting together a wish list for an amazing wedding. You might want a gorgeous venue in the redwoods, perfect weather, smiling guests having a great time, a touching ceremony full of personal touches and a dance party for the history books. Too much to ask?

Karin & Colin’s Deer Park Villa wedding checked every one of those boxes and more.

Seriously, sometimes when I sit down to write these blog posts I’m at a loss for words — how can I say that this was a 100% awesome and incredible day and still sound believable? Well, believe me when I say that an autumn wedding in the California redwoods with a bunch of super fun people is about the best kind of day possible.

Though it’s not without effort. Karin & Colin put a ton of work into making a day that reflected their personalities and had room for lots of fun times.

Deer Park Villa is a small-ish venue that can amazingly accommodate a pretty large wedding without feeling cramped, just cozy. You feel like you’re in a redwood forest, but the parking lot is just a few steps away and the venue is just a few blocks from the town center of Fairfax, a charming little spot in Marin County. The Deer Park Villa wedding day was kept on track by planner MaKenna from Perfectly Planned Moments.

Did I mention the hula hoops yet? After the first dances, Karin and her talented friends grabbed hula hoops for their own special dance, and I’ve never seen so much hula hooping talent in one place. Needless to say, it made for some great photos.

See those shots and more in the gallery below, my favorite photos from Karin & Colin’s Deer Park Villa wedding.

Venue: Deer Park Villa
Planning: Perfectly Planned Moments
Catering: CaterMarin
DJ: Runaway
Flowers: Bellevue Floral Co.
Makeup/hair: Dreamcatcher Artistry

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