Brittney & Tony’s Watsonville farm wedding

Watsonville farm wedding

I’ve always loved backyard weddings — so personal, intimate. Now imagine that your backyard is an apple orchard, with trees laden with fruit that helps make some of the most-loved apple juice around.

Brittney & Tony’s Watsonville farm wedding was just that, a personal and intimate affair in a venue where the walls were apple trees and the ceiling was the blue skies of coastal California.

Much work and preparation and care was put into getting the farm ready for the wedding day, and it showed. It didn’t hurt that we had near perfect weather — the fog stayed away, the sun wasn’t too hot, the wind behaved itself. All of this resulted in a relaxed and fun wedding day, with a beautiful ceremony and a very fun reception.

Speaking of the reception, there was the most impressive display of limbo skills I’ve witnessed, with the entire dance floor lined unto take a turn under a pair of tied-together ties. Just one of many great moments in an amazing day.

Check out my favorite photos from Brittney & Tony’s Watsonville farm wedding in the gallery below.

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