Ashley & Steven’s Wedgewood Eagle Ridge Gilroy wedding

Ashley & Steven's Wedgewood Eagle Ridge Gilroy wedding

Sunny weather, great views, a beautiful sunset … you couldn’t have asked for a better day for Ashley & Steven’s Wedgewood Eagle Ridge Gilroy wedding.

Add in all the happy friends and family who were thrilled to celebrate the marriage of a wonderful couple, and you’ve pretty much got the perfect wedding day.

All day it was big smiles, tears of joy, laughter and fun. Ashley and Steven threw in some clever details to their wedding, including the first time I’ve ever seen live goldfish as a table centerpiece.

With wildfires burning to the south, the sunset was filtered through a haze of faraway smoke, turning the skies a brilliant orange. It made for some pretty amazing light for portraits.

At the reception, everyone had a lot of fun on the dance floor, with Ashley and the bridesmaids kicking things off with a big group dance. All in all, it was a wonderful day with some very nice folks. Check out my favorite images in the gallery below.

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