Patti & Richard’s Los Angeles wedding

Patti & Richard's Los Angeles wedding

From portrait sessions at historic homes to a reception in an art gallery, Patti & Richard’s Los Angeles wedding day was as full of beautiful settings as it was full of love and joy.

It’s not often that wedding photographers get their choice of eight different historic Victorian homes to use as locations for portraits, but then again its not often that people as resourceful and creative as Patti & Richard are on the case. With warnings about an El Niño-fueled rainy January hanging over us, they were searching for locations that would allow us to shoot indoors — not an easy task when you have to find somewhere large enough to accommodate an entire wedding party. Various plans were set and abandoned, then when the weather report showed a warm and dry wedding day, we headed outside.

I’ve really got to hand it to Patti & Richard, they came through. First look, group photos and portraits were all done before the ceremony at Heritage Square Museum, a collection of period-appropriate vintage homes that tell the story of early Southern California architecture. After their Catholic wedding ceremony, Patti, Richard & I visited The Gamble House, an architectural gem in Pasadena, for pictures of the two of them together.

Their reception was at Tamayo Restaurant, Art Gallery, Bar & Lounge, a beautiful venue that Patti & Richard augmented with handmade decorations and filled with friends, family and a mariachi band.

Throughout the day I had help from Michael Owen Baker, who did a phenomenal job as a second photographer.

It’s always a pleasure and a privilege to photograph friends’ weddings, and I had a wonderful time traveling to Los Angeles to document Patti & Richard’s day. Check out my favorite photos in the gallery below.

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