Kaylin & Greg’s Olympia’s Valley Estate wedding

Kaylin & Greg's Olympia's Valley Estate wedding

There was this moment during Kaylin & Greg’s Olympia’s Valley Estate wedding: guests filled the dance floor, surrounding the bride, who was crawling across the floor, fist in the air, hair whipping around, and I thought, “I love my clients.”

Kaylin & Greg told me they were going to have a big party at their wedding, and they weren’t kidding. Their wedding was beautiful. And touching. And So. Much. Fun.

It doesn’t hurt that the wedding was held at one of my favorite venues ever, Olympia’s Valley Estate. The farm in rural Sonoma County is a gorgeous place to get married, and the barn is a perfect venue for a great reception.

Kaylin & Greg’s wedding day was full of fist-in-the-air enthusiasm and more than a few fight-back-tears moments. Here are just a few of the highlights:

• Kaylin & Greg entered their cocktail hour on Greg’s vintage motorcycle
• A unicorn mask made a brief appearance
• The Maid of Honor speech caused the bride to crawl under a table
• Kaylin & Greg had an eleborate plot to “ice” their entire wedding party
• During the reception, Greg sat on a chair in the middle of the dance floor as Kaylin serenaded him with Michael Bolton’s “How Can We Be Lovers.”

I could go on and on. This wedding was off the charts, and such a great time. Check out my favorite photos of Kaylin & Greg’s Olympia’s Valley Estate wedding in the gallery below.

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