Stephanie & Alex’s Pema Osel Ling wedding

Steph & Alex's Pema Osel Ling wedding

A wedding ceremony deep in the mountains, surrounded by redwoods, with friends from all over the world, a great party with lots of dancing, then a bonfire … Stephanie & Alex’s Pema Osel Ling wedding had all that and more.

Pema Osel Ling is a Buddhist retreat center where I had the pleasure of photographing two weddings this year. Steph & Alex’s wedding was my first time there, and the venue did not disappoint.

For the ceremony, there is a small platform in the center of a ring of tall redwoods. Guests sit close, some sit right next to redwood trees. It’s called the Amphitheatre of the Redwoods, and it’s a pretty special spot.

Stephanie & Alex kept things casual and relaxed. We did most of the photos before the ceremony, and never felt rushed. Their many friends helped out with various aspects of the wedding, making the whole day feel very connected. The two of them are quite well-traveled, and many of their friends journeyed from all over the globe to celebrate with them.

Pema Osel Ling is remote enough that I had no cellphone reception all day, yet close enough to civilization that it’s not hard to drive there. At night, you could clearly see the stars. Guests had the option of camping on-site, making the whole experience feel more like a weekend getaway than a one-day event.

This was a wonderful day with wonderful people. See my favorite photos in the gallery below.

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