Kenia & Conner’s San Francisco City Hall wedding

Kenia & Conner's San Francisco City Hall wedding

Getting to photograph Kenia & Conner’s San Francisco City Hall wedding was special to me for several reasons: They’re friends of mine, Conner is also a professional photographer, and their ceremony very small and intimate, just immediate family members.

I’ve known Conner since we worked together as newspaper photographers. We’ve had a lot of adventures together (including a night when he kept me company in a hospital emergency room, but that’s another story). We’ve shot a lot of weddings together (even one at City Hall). I knew him when he met Kenia, and saw them fall in love, and was thrilled to have the opportunity to document their wedding.

Kenia & Conner’s San Francisco City Hall wedding had two ceremonies: The official one, performed by a judge in the Rotunda, and a family ceremony, performed by Conner’s father during a brief gathering on an upper floor. That second one got pretty emotional, it was a powerful thing to witness. Conner’s father has performed many wedding ceremonies, but never for his own son. There was a lot of love in that small gathering.

My favorite photos are in the gallery below.

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