Katherine & Adam’s San Francisco wedding

Katherine & Adam's San Francisco wedding
Moments before we left the hotel room where Katherine & Adam got ready for their San Francisco wedding, both of them took a big pull from the bottle of champagne that was earlier used for making Mimosas.

After seeing them drink straight from the bottle, I told them, “I like your style.”

Katherine replied, “I thought we’d be a good fit.”

Very true, and significant for two reasons. First, Katherine skipped the advice given by many wedding-focused magazines and never had a face-to-face meeting with me. Instead, she asked pointed questions via email and made sure I had good answers. Second, there are many, many wedding photographers out there, which means couples can find a photographer who not only meets their needs photographically, but also fits in well with their friends and family.

And we had a great fit. Katherine and Adam had a small wedding, with most of their guests traveling from the midwest, many of them getting their first taste of San Francisco and the left coast. In our early conversations about their wedding, I totally related, because my wife and I had a similar experience. There’s something gratifying about being able to share a place you love with the people you love while declaring your love for your spouse. Katherine & Adam really nailed this aspect of their wedding, in multiple ways.

Their ceremony was in San Francisco’s City Hall, which is a truly awe-inspiring building. They secured a spot on the fourth floor, had a friend play guitar for their music and another friend perform the ceremony. All while looking down on some of the best architecture the city has to offer.

After that, we all piled into a motorized cable car for a quick tour of the city. Our driver filled us in on what we were seeing and stopped by the Fairmont so Katherine’s sister could give a toast. We ended the tour at Waterbar, a beautiful restaurant on the bay under the bridge. The sun set and the Bay Lights lit, drinks and dinner were enjoyed, the cake was cut, toasts were toasted. Then we all piled back in the cable car for a ride to the last stop, the Tonga Room, where Katherine & Adam had their first dance, guests shared giant drinks with lots of straws, and much dancing (and some air drumming) went down.

At the end of the night, after Katherine, Adam & I did my traditional selfie and we exchanged heartfelt hugs and words of appreciation, I was putting the last of my gear in my bag when Adam’s sister thanked me for fitting in so well with everyone, and even said I helped make the day more special. I hope she doesn’t mind me relating this here. But her sentiments meant a lot and have stuck with me, because that’s exactly what I hope to be as a wedding photographer: A good fit, who helps show how special the day is.

Katherine & Adam’s San Francisco wedding was a very special day indeed. Check out my favorite photos in the gallery below.

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