Sandra & Jorge’s San Francisco engagement session

Sandra & Jorge's San Francisco engagement session

San Francisco’s legendary fog can be beautiful — rolling gracefully over the hills and shrouding the city in soft light — and it can be frustrating, like when it’s so thick you can’t even see the Golden Gate Bridge.

Such was the case for Sandra & Jorge’s San Francisco engagement session. We had great light at Palace of Fine Arts, the gentle glow of sun filtered through morning fog. And at Sutro Baths the fog made the ruins look otherworldly, the coast look dramatic. But at Chrissy Field, where we went for a view of the Golden Gate, the bridge was missing, replaced by an impenetrable bank of fog flowing in from the ocean.

We made the best of it, crossing the bridge and walking out on it for shots on the pedestrian walkway with the bridge’s iconic towers in the background. Sandra and Jorge were visiting from Monterrey, Mexico, and the fog made their San Francisco experience all the more authentic. And we had a great time, talking about their trip, driving around the city, getting to know each other a bit.

Check out my favorite photos from the day in the gallery below.

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