Leia & George’s Seaside wedding

Leia & George brought together a huge number of family and friends for their Seaside wedding at Bayonet Black Horse, completely filling the golf course’s large reception room. Yet somehow, even with all those people, they managed to keep the mood casual, intimate and lighthearted, like a regular weekend get-together … except with a marriage thrown in.

It was a testament to the closeness of everyone there, and the fun that we all had. And it didn’t hurt that Leia and George provided some funny moments for everyone to enjoy.

Like in the middle of the ceremony, when Leia warned George against proclaiming her his “awfully wedded wife” (instead of his ‘lawfully’ wedded wife).

Or when George took the floor for the money dance, and threw down so many moves that no one who tried to dance with him could keep up.

We had a great time before the wedding, too — Leia helped put together a wonderful schedule that gave us lots of time for photos, and even prevented things from getting hectic during a last minute change of hotel. And we had some laughs at hole 18, where George and his groomsmen requested photos of them teeing off, and one errant ball nearly took my head off.

Of course, it wasn’t all jokes and laughing — Leia and George’s vows to each other brought some tears from both wedding party and guests.

All in all, it was a wonderful day with lots of great memories made. You can see a few of them in the gallery below.

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