Kelly & David’s Seaside wedding

You ever meet someone and immediately feel comfortable with them, like you’re already friends? That’s how it felt when I met Kelly, which is remarkable, since we met at a wedding fair. We hit it off as soon as she walked up to my booth, which is saying something, because at a bridal fair, you meet lots of people, many of whom are overwhelmed, or in a rush, and it’s hard to make a connection.

Later, I met David, and it felt the same way. I knew that working with them during their Seaside wedding at Bayonet Black Horse would feel like spending a day with friends.

Here’s the funny thing about wedding photography — it is, fundamentally, a client/vendor relationship, but if you do it right, it feels more like friends helping each other out.

We put together a relaxed schedule for their wedding, which was important to them because they most wanted to spend time enjoying the company of their family and friends. They had a great party, too. DJ Matt Riley kept the dance floor active — sometimes by standing on his chair and singing along — and everybody was entertained by the flower girl, who took a few turns borrowing the DJs mic, and later was spotted breakdancing in the middle of the dance floor.

At the end of the wedding, everybody headed to a bar in Monterey for the after party. I joined them, and we chatted about some of our mutual interests, like craft beer, and had a great time hanging out. I have no doubt I’ll see Kelly & David again, probably over a hoppy pint in a craft brew bar. I’m thankful to be able to work with people I can not only call clients, but also friends.

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