Erica & David

As soon as I met David I thought he looked familiar. Turns out I photographed him years ago for the newspaper when he was an athlete in high school. Made me feel old, but it also made this wedding kind of special for me.

I was the second photographer at this half-day wedding in Hollister with my pal Glen McDowell, who I’ve been working with a lot lately. Glen and I are getting to the point where we can just about read each other’s minds. During the final portrait shoot of the night I held a flash in a softbox at the end of a long extendable painter’s pole as Glen shot photos, each of us telling the other what settings we were using and how to move to make the photos come out just right. The shots look amazing, but you’ll have to go to Glen’s site to see them.

Check the gallery below for a few of my favorites …

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