Angela & Manuel

Angela and Manuel know how to party.

I photographed the couple’s Salinas wedding on June 26, 2010 as the second shooter for wedding photographer Glen McDowell.

The couple got married at the old First Presbyterian Church in Salinas, surrounded by stone walls, stained glass, wooden pews and burning candles.

Then they drove in a vintage car to Casa Maria in San Juan Bautista, where friends and family gathered to socialize, eat, support the newlyweds and dance for the rest of the night.

For music, Angela and Manuel hired DJ Booth in Salinas, a two-person team, including Fredo Marquez, a winner on Fear Factor. I’ve photographed a bunch of weddings with these two on music duty, and they always get everybody on the dance floor and having fun. This time they were so effective that Glen even dropped his cameras to join in on the Electric Slide.

The night ended with Angela and Manuel on the stage, above their wedding guests, her in her white dress, dancing like they were onstage in a club, everybody cheering them on.

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